Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mostly Math

I figured I'd better work out the monthly amount my CSA share from these fine folks is running me, so I can budget accordingly. As I'm splitting my share with a friend this season, the breakdown for me ends up at $37.60/month. Not bad at all, considering that this will keep me awash in abundant greens all summer, plus berries and veggies as the growing season progresses.

My Saturday morning forays to the Farmer's Market in town are one of the utter highlights of my week. Hudson's a small town, so familiar faces (and often, their accompanying canine companions) abound, and live music and people watching (oh, NYC weekenders, how you amuse me!) are ample entertainment while hemming and hawing about the cheese o' the week. I won't lie, however...I'm a bit anxious that my Saturday morning chocolate croissant is a luxury I might not be able to afford, and that would veer towards tragedy. We'll have to see how it goes.

So, with a couple of small items purchased today, and incorporating the CSA costs, we are at....

Balance: $158.17

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