Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's not all Ramen over here....

Sigh...I had such big plans for high productivity today. In my idealized world, I would have created a carefully planned grocery list, planned a week's worth of meals, done all my weekend errands and cured some tropical disease. There are weekends when this actually happens, and I am a machine of efficiency. (Well, my progress with tropical illness is slow, but I'm a geologist by training, so I'm guessing the learning curve is steep.) That so did NOT happen today. It's been an emotionally stressful week, which likely didn't help, but I'm willing to bet that neither did playing Spades until 4 am, either. Oh well...too tears in a bucket, and all that.

I did manage to drag my ass to the Farmer's Market this morning, although not at my normal bright and early hour. I was vaguely hopeful that arriving so late would make my chocolate croissant lust moot, as they tend to sell out by 10 am, but no such luck. And, as I have no will power whatsoever, I had to get one. (Thank you, France, for creating breakfast pastries so delightfully buttery, light, and filled with chocolate...I owe you one.) My big bag o' wonders from my CSA got picked up, too, and as the photo above demonstrates, I'll be well supplied with greenery this week! I'm a bit alarmed at the sheer volume of lettuce that needs to be consumed, but a friend recently mentioned a southern recipe for wilted lettuce that involves hot bacon grease, and well...hell yes, I need to try that!

All the veggies pictured are part of my weekly share, so the only items I purchased outright today were a wedge of cheese and the aforementioned croissant. I'm still working my way through a lot of pre-experiment supplies, so I don't feel that I'm fully in the groove of the budget yet. As those things dwindle, though, we'll see how I fare.

I guess I'll have to do some planning and shopping tomorrow, as I hereby officially declare today a wash, and plan to retire to the couch with a movie and version 2.0 of my afternoon nap. Let's hope that for the sake of productivity I don't get roped into any more late night card games.

So, with today's market treats and some curry chicken from the Chinese take-out near work last night (all told, $11.81), we are now at:

Balance: $146.36

Also, as you can see, I'm having a hell of a time with the photo part of this blog. Since my computer went to be with Jesus and got re-built, I lost my old photo software, which I at least sort of knew how to work. So, bear with my wildly sized photos for a bit until I figure the new stuff out, please!

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